Hello, and welcome to my site and blog. I am here to talk to you about my books The Morgan Chronicles and why you will love them as much as I do.

I have completed the first two novels in the series, and am looking forward to publishing them soon. The first novel, titled To The Shore, is about Morgan's rescue from his nemesis Laric, and he and his friend Jasper's attempt to reach the port city of Kaihiri, where waits Jasper's ship, the Andrea Zuri, which will take them on the second leg of their voyage back to Morgan's homeland, and safety.

The second book, working title being The Grey Lady of the Sea, tells of the adventures Jasper and Morgan have during their sea voyage around the world as they travel to the western coast of Avyn, where Morgan's homeland awaits. Along the way they have many unexpected problems such as being caught up in the middle of a religious war, an assassination attempt on Jasper's life, battling the Mer-people over the life of a whale, and other things.

A Quote from To The Shore:

“... I will tell you a secret about madness, pain, guilt, horror, and it is this: a point can be reached where pain no longer hurts, when horror no longer frightens. You can see this in the faces of battle-weary soldiers. It is also true that on the far side of madness there can be found calm, reason, and even a measure of sanity. This I know of Ecba to be true, and I believe it to be a human truth; that we do not have the stamina to endure madness, pain or terror. Eventually one becomes numb to it and life goes on - if not unaltered then at least unceasing.”

- Trelde, Mayor of Ecba


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