About the Author

Josie leBeau is an author, musician, entrepreneur, and activist living in Butte, Montana.

She began writing when she was around seven years old, but only became really serious about it when she was about fourteen, when she actually began writing To The Shore for the first time. She has recently crossed the line between cat owner and Crazy Cat Lady [TM] by taking on a fourth cat. As everyone knows, one can not own more than three cats if one is a single woman living alone without taking on the label Crazy Cat Lady, which she has now done. Her new kitten is named Merlin, and he's a blue-eyed devil if ever there was one. She loves him all to pieces. Fuzzy, purring, snuggly pieces.

Josie attended many grade schools, two high schools, and the University of Montana. Her family moved a lot when she was a child, hence the lots of schools. One thing that was a constant in her life was a love of (and ever-growing collection of) books. "The world outside me may have kept changing," she says, "but the internal world, the world 'between the covers' was always there, always ready to welcome me and whisk me off to somewhere else, somewhere fun, adventurous, and new, or old, comforting, and familiar, at my command."

She goes on: "I don't think an author is able to write what they don't know, and I think each character is a part of its writer's psyche, whether they know it or not. I'm so hyper-aware of it, I use my writing as a form of self-therapy. Sometimes after writing a scene, I'll go back and look at it and be astounded by what I've written, when looking at it from a meta-perspective and what it means to me. I can write things that are deeply profound that I would never have dared to say outright, but which flow quite naturally out of a character's mouth, then go back and read it again and realize I've needed to tell myself this for quite some time. It's marvelous, really."