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Journal Jar #1

I found a small jar at a secondhand store the other day, labelled a “journal jar” and inside it was scores, if not hundreds of tiny slips of paper, each with a writing prompt on it. The idea is that if you write one of these ideas per day, at the end of the jar you’ll have an autobiography of sorts that you can collate and show people. Well I’m not sure I wanna do anything so mundane as write my autobiography, but having writing prompts is probably a good thing, so I am going to use some of them to make some entries here in my blog… but with a twist. You see, I have a regular blog out there, to be found at http://josiecinders.wordpress.com, and that’s where you’ll find my actual personal entry. Here, you will find my answer as one of my main characters. Yup. I am going to answer in character, to get you a glimpse inside their heads. Hope you enjoy them both!


Question: Describe a trip downtown as a young person. Describe walking down the main street.

Morgan reminisces

Morgan reminisces

Morgan ap Phaelan: “As my uncle’s apprentice, I was often sent to run errands and fetch things for him. Yes, of course he could have sent a servant, but he felt it was my responsibility to learn everything about the craft, including interacting with other magicians and even the herbalists and other vendors we relied on for our ingredients. Besides, Uncle never believed in being aloof from the people, and he taught me that, I was very much exposed to the poor as well as the rich, all my life. So walking the streets of Krisadon City I was dressed as an average person, not in fine robes or the like, and only the people who actually knew me personally would greet me.

“I’ve always loved that ability, and it seems to be innate, for it’s not a spell I’ve ever cast, but just the way I am. Despite my height, I don’t stand out. You’d think I would, but people tend not to notice me, and I love that. At court I’m recognized and fussed over and it’s all dreadfully tedious. But I’ve been at the marketplace and had nobles who have fawned over me at court just rudely elbow me out of the way, not recognizing me at all. It’s wonderful. Because if they did recognize me, of course it’d be ‘Oh, Your Highness, I’m so sorry, whatever happened, why are you dressed in these rags, here, let me take you into my fine carriage and back to the palace, you poor thing, who did this to you?’ and everyone on the street would be scraping and bowing.

“I hate that.

“But they don’t seem to recognize me, so I walk the streets in blissful anonymity, fetching and carrying for my Master. The main street from the palace is fairly wide, with fine houses and temples, until gradually you come to the city square. The marketplace is a great, wide-open space teeming with merchants of every kind, even Rian sailors! They almost always know me, but then, the Ria are not quite the same as Krisadoners. They’re also much more discreet, so they wave and smile, but don’t make a fuss. I’m able to go about my business, buying whatever Uncle has sent me after, and occasionally some of my friends will need some help, and I do what I can. I don’t really have a knack for healing, but Lalonna the herbalist’s little daughter is chronically ill, so I try to help her out as best I can. Then it’s back to the palace, and Uncle, and the Magician’s Tower, and my studies once again.”


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